The Story

dop dop designs was born from the cummulative efforts of two grandmothers: Margorie, who always told me that anything is possible and Ruth the die hard crafter and self-taught seamstress always striving for perfection.  Together yet separately, these marvelous women built my foundation and gave me the gifts of creativity and the drive to make things just a little bit better. 

Why aprons?  In 2009, my (then 2 mos old) son was diagnosed with severe acid reflux after 2 long months of troubled feeding and profound collic.  I found a million beautiful bibs and burp cloths available for him but what about me?  I was the one on the receiving end and I wasn't feeling so pretty.  A colorful apron solved my wardrobe changing woes and lifted my spirits.  Even now that feeding is no longer an issue, aprons are more than just an accessory, they act as a tissue to wipe away the tears, they hold a towel to dry & wipe little hands...they make me feel just a little bit prettier when the day gets a little too grimey.  Why aprons?  I say, why would you not?  

I am Jamie Williams, owner and designer of dop dop designs and I strive to design, create and provide colorful accents for your kitchen and table that will visually transform your cuisine from simple to superb.  Such items as beautifully handcrafted aprons, hot pads, deluxe napkins, placemats, etc...will surely take your casual dining experience to a whole new level.  Whether you cook or just pretend to, dinner never looked so good!

During certain sales events, look for advertising outlining certain charitable contributions dop dop designs will make benefiting cancer-related research or patient support programs.  These contributions are made in honor of my father, Frederick S. Hulsman who lost his battle against cancer in 2010.  Apron strings can mean so much more than a negative metaphore...let them stand for hope and prosperity!

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